Mavs vs. Kings Postgame Quotes 12-18



Kings vs. Mavericks


Mavs guard Seth Curry


“Every single day I’m getting better and more comfortable in the offense. I’m trying to make the right plays out there and get other guys involved and get them the ball where they like to shoot it on the floor.”


(What can you expect from Denver tomorrow on the road?) – “Anytime you play a team close in a recent game like that they are going to come out with a new energy especially when you beat them the way we did last time. They are going to come out with a lot of energy, they are going to be ready to step on the floor from the get go and try to give it back to us. We’ve got to go out there and match that intensity especially on the road on a back-to-back, and I think a big thing in part about that is the bench coming in and playing with a pace and try to help the starters get the game going.”


Mavs guard Devin Harris


(Was this your best game since coming back from your injury?) – “I felt pretty good. I tried to remain aggressive and not force it out there and let the game come to me. I found some open shots tonight that I was able to make.”


(Sacramento handled you guys pretty easily 10 days ago what was the difference today?) – “I think it kind of stuck out in our heads. They coming out on our home floor and embarrassing us the way they did. We just wanted to come out and play hard and stay aggressive the whole game. Guys did a great job tonight.”


“We really needed the win today especially the way we lost the last game. We wanted to come out and give a better effort and don’t leave anything to chance.”


Sacramento forward DeMarcus Cousins


(On where things went wrong)

“We let them hit us first, and they are an aggressive team. The biggest thing is we couldn’t make our shots today. They were pretty decent for the most part defensively, but we just couldn’t make any shots.”


(On the offense, even though shots weren’t falling)

“There were good looks, the offense could have been better and we could have made it easier on ourselves by causing more movement, more cutting, trying to get more shots at the basket. Even with misses, they were good quality shots, just one of those nights were the shots were off.”


(On the Harrison Barnes match up)

“Just doing my part. I knew it would be trying to figure Rick out, I knew he would try and put his team at some kind of advantage and make it tough on me. I knew it would come eventually, so like I said just playing my part.”


(On if the Mavs were doing things on the court so they couldn’t play like they normally do)

“No, I think you can always get movement, you  may get a cut, and it may not come to you, but it will open up for the next guy. For them tonight, they gave up the first shot, the first open three, to get in the lane and get an even better shot. The movement doesn’t necessarily get us a score, but it makes it easy for the next guy or the weak side. The movement would have made it better for all of us.”


(On the play of Devin Harris)
“He played great. He had some very big plays, late shot clock; that
four-point play was one of the biggest plays of the game. And he’s
right at his minute number there – 20 exactly. It’s good to see. It’s
good to see him when he feels good physically, he moves with joy out
there. He’s starting to feel better. That certainly makes a

(On the play of Dorian Finney-Smith)
“He’s playing the game. He’s playing the game within his role, within
his abilities. He’s knocking down open threes. He’s driving the ball
well. In transition, he runs well, runs hard. He’s just got to keep
doing what he’s doing. When he’s on the floor, he really helps our
defense. And offensively, he’s becoming more and more of a factor.”

(On the play of AJ Hammons)
“I thought the groups he played with played steady, they played
consistent. And generally speaking, we played a positive game. He’s
plus 12 – and that’s a guy who’s 0-4 with three rebounds. That means
he’s doing a good job positionally. It was another big body on
Cousins. He’s worked hard, he’s kept himself ready, and he’s earned
the opportunity to play some.”

(On Seth Curry’s performance against his former team)
“Seth didn’t play any different tonight than he normally plays. He’s
an aggressive offensive player, and he’s underrated on defense. He’s a
guy that’s playing very well defensively within our system. In time,
he will shed whatever reputation he has as a guy whose only strengths
are at the offensive end – that’s not the case.”


Kings Head Coach Dave Joerger


(Thoughts on today’s game?)– “Good game for Dallas, they were the aggressors they had us on our heels most of the day. It was never really much of a game we had a couple runs late but we missed a lot of shots and took a lot of quick shots. We played out of too much random offensively and just didn’t play with enough force defensively. That’s about it. They were good, they made shots especially early to make tough mid-range shots then they got loose from us.”


(When you look at this game, you had some great shots but couldn’t convert; do you think maybe that ended up carrying over into sluggishness it felt like throughout the game?) “We shot 39.5% which is an improvement from the other night but we shot 38.5%.”


(What do you see the common thread in the gameswhere you go from the offense having more flow to the games where you have a lot more random and seemed like the flow wasn’t there?) – “We got beat by 20, not a lot of X’s and O’s today.”


(How difficult is it in a situation where you have Demarcus taking advantage of a mismatch and playing extremely well and you aren’t able to get some offense around him? – “It’s pretty frustrating. He was pretty good. He had a nice ball game.”


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